Dermaplaning is a process that exfoliates the skin by using a sterile scalpel to shave the surface of the skin, removing layers of dead skin and “vellus” hairs.

Dead skin and hairs that build up on the face can make your skin appear dull, flaky and even cause acne if pores or hair follicles get clogged. Dermaplaning is one of the BEST, most effective ways to exfoliate your face to solve these problems and stimulates the cell regeneration process. On top of that, there’s NO recovery. Fresh dermaplaned skin absorbs products more effectively and your makeup will appear seamless.

A gently exfoliating cleanse, followed by dermaplaning of the neck and face, 15 minutes of CELLUMA LED, spritz of freshener, moisturizer, and layered with SPF. 
Dermaplaning Session:  $69.00
Dermaplaning  + 1 hour facial: $125.00 (90 minute total)
Dermaplaning + Customized Mask: $85.00 (60 minute total)